…if you live in London, that is. The Finnish church in London is having its Easter fair this weekend, which is an excellent opportunity to stock up on Finnish goodies such as Fazer chocolate, Karelian pies and mämmi, a love-it-or-hate-it dessert made from rye and served with cream. It costs a whopping 50p to get in (but be prepared to queue for a little bit), but there’s also a grill out the back serving reindeer stew and makkara – incredibly tasty Finnish hotdogs. They also have Karhu beer and lonkero, a dangerously drinkable combination of gin and grapefruit juice.

Best of all, Moomin himself will be there to dispense hugs to everyone and to remind you to buy some Moomin products – there are always plenty on offer.

It’s open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and there’s an outdoor Scandinavian market on the Saturday with additional stalls from the nearby Estonian and Norwegian churches.

If you can’t make it over to Muumimaailma in Naantali, this is the best chance you have of meeting the troll in person.