And finally, Monday September 20th rolled around. With one final teaser on the front page, Moomin made his debut on page six… and Londoners who’d been wondering what this curious strip was about were probably left scratching their heads. It’s one thing to sit and read through the beautifully bound Drawn & Quarterly volumes; but quite another to unpick Finnish wit on a day-by-day basis. Still, there were other distractions:

Monday 20th September 1954

  • London sits on the edge of a dockside strike, with 500 workers set to walk out at 5pm
  • 20-year-old Edgware Town footballer Peter Shaw is paralysed making a save
  • The hunt for the Ruislip Strangler continues; the case would never be solved
  • Thomas Francis, 49, is fined £30 for loitering in Morden


And here’s that first strip in all its glory: