In my last post I mentioned that, prior to the first Moomin strip’s publication, The Evening News ran a teaser campaign in the preceding week. For six days, single panels from Moomin and the Brigands were published on the front page, with cryptic captions alluding to the strip’s debut on 20th September, 1954. This wasn’t Moomin’s first brush with this approach, either; Ny Tid ran a few panels prior to the publication of the first ever Moomin strip, The Moomins and the End of the World, in 1948.

The UK campaign started on Monday, 13th September 1954. So, with that in mind, I’m re-running it here with a side look at the issues of the day…

Monday 13th September 1954

  • London bus drivers at Willesden garage continue unofficial strike action into its third day
  • Two stolen briefcases of confidential papers from the manufacturer of the Canberra bomber found in a car
  • Hurricane Edna kills 19 in Canada
  • A 14-month-old baby is served call-up papers