I’ve been fascinated with 3D since I was a kid and after taking more than a few 3D photos in Finland, I wondered about converting some of the existing comics to 3D.

This is an involved bit of work. To create the left and right images, you need to first decide which elements are lying in which plane, and separate them out. Having done that, you’re then faced with the problem that there are bits of the background that need to be seen in order to create the illusion of depth. These don’t exist in the original, so you have to create them yourself.

Having done that, you then have to work out how to link layers smoothly. Snorkmaiden’s nose needs to protrude from one layer to another, so that needs to be done manually, by adjusting the left-eye and right-eye images accordingly. And then you have the fun and games that is the colour blending to get illusion just right.

Having said that, these early ones have come out fairly well. Let’s see what else I can come up with.

Moomin 3D 2