With my next trip to Muumimaailma looming, I thought it would be good time to share some unusual pictures from my last trip. I took a Fuji W3 3D digital camera along to capture some trolls in all their 3D glory. I’m bringing it along next week, along with a vintage Nimslo 35mm 3D camera. Hopefully I’ll get better shots from the latter – the Fuji is an extremely cool bit of kit but pictures shot in anything other than bright sunlight leave a fair bit to be desired.  However, it does have the ability to shoot 3D movies, one of which is posted below. I’ve also included a couple of shots from Muumilaakso, the Moomin Museum at Tampere.

The images have been converted to red / green anaglyph, so you’ll either need a pair of 3D glasses (not the sort you get in the cinema – they’re polarised) or treat yourself to a box of Quality Street and use the cellophane.

Snorkmaiden and Moomin



Most of the Family

003 Perhe

Snorkmaiden and Fillyjonk

004 Fillyjonk

Snufkin playing poker with Moominmamma

005 Snufkin

The Groke

006 Groke

Too-Ticky and her boat

007 Too-Ticky

And finally… the video